Automate money flows on web3

Save time, money & effort with automation

Types of flows

Cask facilitates a growing number of recurring transactions types

Cask is multi-chain

Cask embraces a multi chain future and strives to bring money flow infrastructure to as many chains as possible - shortening the path between user and value

Why choose Cask?

Cask makes it simple to automate transactions on web3 using stablecoins from a non-custodial wallet

no gas fees

No gas fees

There are no gas fees on the recurring transactions


All stablecoins

All recurring money flows are done with stablecoins to avoid volatility

earn yield

Earn yield

Earn yield on your balance to helps offset money flow costs (coming soon)

web3 SDK

SDK & Webhooks

Fully functional SDK and plug-and-play tools for developers to integrate our automation at a deep level. Ship on-chain faster.

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