Automate crypto investing

Dollar cost average crypto buys in web3 using a non-custodial wallet

Cask Dashboard

Set it and forget it 🌕

Cask makes it easy to automatically buy your favorite crypto tokens on a schedule

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Dollar cost average

Forget about price fluctuations and dollar cost average crypto

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Low minimums

Start a DCA with a buy as low as $10 per interval

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Flexible options

Choose how much, how often, set a total investment and more

Coupon codes

Range buys

Only make auto-buys when tokens fall within your specified range

Choose a funding source

Fund auto-investing from multiple funding sources

Cask supports multiple non-custodial sources of funding

Cask wallet

Transfer stablecoins into your Cask wallet to use for all of your recurring money flows.

Personal wallet

Set an allowance to spend stablecoins from your personal wallet to fund money flows. Allowances can be set to cover one or more intervals.

Invest in your favorite tokens

Cask supports the most popular tokens across various chains

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