VRF/Automation top-ups made easy

Keep your Chainlink VRF/Automation balances funded automatically

Cask Dashboard

Dependable automation for Chainlink top-ups

When a $LINK balance falls below a threshold, Cask automatically uses a portion of funds from your configured source to acquire $LINK and deposits it into Chainlink on your behalf. Supported services include Automation and VRF.

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Easy & affordable

Permissionless automation with minimal fees

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Cask swaps your stablecoins for $LINK when a top-up is required

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Set a threshold and $ amount you want to top-up

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Avoid volatility

Use stablecoins to fund your top-ups to avoid price volatility of top-ups

Choose your funding source

Cask supports multiple non-custodial sources for funding top-ups

Cask supports multiple non-custodial sources of funding

Cask wallet

Transfer stablecoins into your Cask wallet to use for all of your recurring money flows.

Personal wallet

Set an allowance to spend stablecoins from a personal wallet to fund your money flows. Allowances can be set to cover one or more intervals.

No volatility with stablecoins

Cask accepts a variety of stablecoins across a wide range of chains that are used to automatically swap $LINK when your balance falls under your defined threshold.

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