Accept recurring payments on web3

Accept stablecoin payments, contributions, or donations. Subscribers are provided NFTs as proof of subscription that can be used for access control and token gating content.

Cask Dashboard

Traditional Subscriptions
⚡️Power of NFTs

Cask features all the functionality expected from a subscription management platform with the power of NFTs.

free trials

NFT token gates

Use the subscriptions as a token gate to limit content access to subscribers

free trials

NFT Transferability

Set whether or not your NFT subscriptions are transferable

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Limit NFT quantity

Create scarcity by limiting the number of subscriptions available

Coupon codes

Web3 discount codes 🔥

Create codes or automatically use on-chain data (NFTs or tokens) for discounts (more info)

free trials

Free trials

Allow users to try your service for a defined period of time

subscription plans

Plan management

Add unlimited plans that specify how much, how often and other rules.

subscription intervals

Interval configuration

Set flexible billing intervals that range from hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

recurring billing

Automatic payment retry

Cask will attempt to retrieve payments for a specified time. Set a grace period length.

Better for your users, better for you

Cask makes it possible for users to make recurring payments or contributions on web3 using stablecoins from a non-custodial wallet.

self custody

No gas fees

There are no gas fees on recurring transactions

Instant settlement

No lockups

Funds in your Cask wallet are always liquid and never locked

Earn Yield

Earn yield (soon)

You and your customers can earn yield on balances

Speed up development time

Cask offers a range of tools and widgets that allow you start accepting crypto payments immediately as well as developer tools for deeper integrations

Start accepting recurring payments on web3

Harness the power of NFTs in a few easy steps.


Connect your wallet

Using a non-custodial wallet click connect on

connect web3 wallet

Add your plans

Create your subscription plans with features on par with traditional subscription functionality.

create subscription plan

Install checkout widget

Our javascript widget is easy to install and configure with your existing checkout flow.

install crypto checkout widget

Add optional webhooks

The webhook bridge is an optional component the provider can choose to run to make it easy to integrate the Cask protocol into their existing application

Configure webhooks

Start accepting crypto

Once the widget is install your customers will be able to pay for products or services with stablecoins. Funds are sent directly to your Cask balance.

Subscribe with crypto

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